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Dr Shane Miller

Shane Miller is a prehistoric archaeologist whose primary research interests are the Ice Age colonization of the Americas the origins of agriculture in eastern North America and how we can use lithic technology Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geoarchaeology to make inferences about past human behavior His geographic area of interest is the southeastern United States and in Get price


type site archaeology kill sites quarry sites

AN ICE AGE QUARRY-WORKSHOP The West Athens Hill Site Revisited3 84 Мб 1984 Kill Sites Killing Ground and Fluted Points at the Vail Site Archaeology of Eastern North America 12 110–121 1988a The following preliminary scheme of functional site types is offered Quarry-workshops located some distance from lakes ponds or running water West Athens Hill Get price


Folsom tradition

Some kill sites exhibit evidence of up to 50 bison being killed although the Folsom diet apparently included mountain sheep marmots deer and cottontail rabbit as well A Folsom site at Hanson Wyoming also revealed areas of hardstanding which indicate possible dwellings Get price


site selection for quarry

photo of a mining site type site archaeology kill sites quarry sites hg control in mining site site of quarry suitable for aggregate mining recruitment site in ghana south africa dimond mining site processes carried on a quarry site plan to build mining site - public health of quarry site how to manage a quarry site -Get price



PALEOINDIAN PERIOD IN PENNSYLVANIA I Introduction archaeological sites from this time period recorded in the Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Onondaga chert quarry There are several other sites in the region such as Warrior Spring in Lycoming County Pocono Lake in Get price


Blackwater Draw Clovis type site

BLACKWATER DRAW CLOVIS TYPE SITE ROOSEVELT COUNTY NEW MEXICO est 13 500 years ago In 1927 most archaeologists were not convinced that people were living in North America at the end of the late Pleistocene period But the discovery of the Blackwater Draw siteGet price


Scottsbluff Projectile Point

Additional Comments Type I This is a longer point with a thicker cross section and weaker shoulders The stem is formed by basal grinding instead of flaking Type II This is a shorter and wider point with a thinner cross section and more defined shoulders The cross section is more elliptical The Eden points are similar to the Scottsbluff points but Eden points differ in the blade is Get price


Clovis biface technology at the Topper site South

The Topper site in South Carolina provides one of these rare glimpses of the entire range of Clovis tool manufacture Topper is a quarry-related site along the Savannah River with an outcrop of Coastal Plain chert and a buried Clovis component () This paper focuses on the 174 bifaces and diagnostic debitage from recent excavations to understand biface production at Topper Get price


Bluestonehenge Landscape of ancestors

Nov 09 2009The Stonehenge story continues to evolve a whole new chapter has just been added after the remarkable discovery this summer of a second bluestone circle located at the point where the Avenue joins the River Avon Chris Catling reports This second circle dubbed 'Bluestonehenge' is made of stones brought from quarry sites far to the []Get price


arch 2800

Type Notes Uploaded By sarlara97 Pages 2 lithic resources Big game hunting mammoth mastodon and bison generlatized hunting and gathering subsistence economy kill sites quarry sites hunting camps and base camps Most kill sites are in the western states and are generally associated with ancient Archeology Exam 3 Part I (Spread of H Get price



The distribution of paleoindian sites in Kansas by Kenneth L Brown and Brad Logan University of Kansas Lawrence Kansas Abstract The archeological record of the paleoindian occupation of present Kansas is scant and consists for the most part of 27 recorded sites and additional isolated finds of temporally and culturally diagnostic projectile points Get price


Archaeological Surveys

An Archaeological Survey and Assessment of Chert Extraction Sites in the Vicinity of Peoria Quarry Ottawa County Oklahoma (2013) The Hill and the Kill National Register Testing of 34EL200 and 34EL211 Ellis County Oklahoma Archeological Resource Survey Report No 65 (2013) Archeological Survey of Bois D'Arc Creek Kay County Oklahoma Get price


The Rummells

Rummells-Maske however represents one of only two early Paleoindian sites in the state that has been excavated The recently recognized Carlisle Cache is the other Surrounding Midwestern states have all revealed intact sites of this time period and it is likely just a Get price


Lehner Mammoth

The Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site is a location in southern Arizona that is significant for its association with evidence that mammoths were killed here by Paleo-Indians 9000 years BCE In 1952 Ed Lehner discovered extinct mammoth bone fragments on his ranch at the locality now known as the Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site Get price


Types of Sites

Kill Site ‑ This is an area where animals were killed and/or butchered In Texas bison is the faunal type most often associated with this site type Bonfire Shelter (41VV218) in Val Verde County is one of the best-known kill sites in Texas This is a stratified bison jump site with associated butchering floors Get price


Introduction to Archaeology

Introduction to Archaeology There are many different kinds of sites – habitation sites animal kill sites stone quarry sites and burial ground sites – each requiring particular methods of excavation In general however to record the relationships between artifacts features and samples archaeologists first map and grid a site Get price


List of prehistoric sites in Colorado explained

List of prehistoric sites in Colorado explained See main article Prehistory of Colorado List of prehistoric sites in Colorado includes historical and archaeological sites of humans from their earliest times in Colorado to just before the Colorado historic period which ranges from about 12 000 BC to AD 19th century The Period is defined by the culture enjoyed at the time from the earliest Get price


Search Results

kill site SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS kill-site CATEGORY term DEFINITION Any archaeological site that was primarily used for killing and butchering animals It is recognized by its distinctive location tools assemblages or animal bone evidence These sites are also recognized through taphonomy Display More ResultsGet price


Quarry of the Ancestors – Tree Time Archaeology

Tag Quarry of the Ancestors Alberta Top 10 Archaeological Sites As Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation it is important to remember that the history of the land we call home goes back thousands of years Tree Time Services staff discussed some of the most important archaeological sites in Alberta and created a top ten list Several Get price


Animal quarry sites

This type of information aids in recognizing the evolution and extinction of species invertebrates have been found in the road quarry it is terrestrial in origin and you CAN find animal Mammoth Kill Sites View this project Dust from quarry sites is a major source of air pollution either vegetation affects the animal Get price


AMS Radiocarbon Dating of the Type Plainview and Firstview

Figure 1 The Central and Southern Plains with the locations of the physiographic regions and archaeological sites mentioned in the text 1) The site was discovered in the early 1940s after a quarry was opened along the draw exposing an extensive bed of Bison antiquus bone (Sellasds et al 1947 Speer 1990) The site was excavated in 1945Get price


The Williamson

The Williamson-Plainview site and the better known Milnesand site are two ancient bison (Bison antiquus) kill sites exposed during drought and wind erosion in the 1950s The two sites are less than 500 m apart and remarkably similar both extensive bone beds with scores of unfluted lanceolate Paleoindian projectile points 85 Plainview and 47 Milnesand at Williamson-Plainview and 62 Get price


images library wisc edu

Archaeological sites are not just villages and camp sites but kill sites quarry sites lookout sites and ceremonial sites As long as archaeologists are aware of these problems and the recovered sample is applied only to appropriate analyses results can be useful in reconstructing subsistence-Get price


Archaeology Exam #1 at University of North Texas

Putting an archaeological site in geologic context Disconnect b/w geologists and archeologists We can go with the same knowledge the geologists had and look at the archaeological sites to answer archaeologist questions This an zoo are the two new branches of archaeology Get price


A Guide to Saskatchewan Archaeology

Kill Sites Kill sites are the locations where hunters have killed one or more animal(s) in the past The most well known example of a kill site on the Plains is a bison jump Past hunters took advantage of topographical features such as cliffs ravines coulees and sand dunes to stampede and kill bison Get price


Archeological Suppression in New Zealand

May 20 2004The Waipoua Forest sites were on public land administered by the Department of Conservation It was and is the right of all New Zealanders to hike throughout the area with no known legal restriction posted by the Archaeological Division of DOC They were dismayed to find that timber felling was taking place between these ancient structures Get price


Analysis of Kill

Abstract Unlike remote time periods where the degree of large animal predation is a key research question (Binford 1985 Bunn and Kroll 1986 Isaac and Crader 1981) hunting has long been considered a key component in the adaptation of many anatomically modern Homo sapiens and in particular the earliest Paleoindian inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere Get price


Archaeology in Banff National Park

Quarry sites can be found in the high mountain passes Early historic accounts of travel and interviews with contemporary First Nations people can provide information about traditional use of the Banff area and the significance of different types of sites Salvage Archaeology Sites are also found through archaeological survey work Get price


Native American Indians

Archeologists have found evidence of rhyolite quarry sites and base camps related to hunting or kill sites in Catoctin Mountain Park The mountain's resources provided Native Americans with materials for tools animals for food and clothing and a variety of nuts and berries that were gathered as an additional food source Get price



This volume introduces three archaeological sites found on the outskirts of Calgary which date between 7 000 and 8 000 years ago The Everblue Springs site (EgPn-700) the Gooseberry Kill (EgPn-625) and the Snack Site (egPn-633) are all early bison kill sites found in association with an assemblage of large corner notched projectile points Get price


Inaugural Article Paleoindian large mammal hunters on the

Nov 24 1998Paleoindian large mammal hunters on the plains of North America George C Frison as defined by the bison kill site of this name in east central Wyoming The analysis and interpretation of faunal remains from archaeological sites has become a major source of information on past human subsistence strategies Get price


Bison Kill Sites in South Dakota 9 000 B C

This is an abstract from the SAA 2019 General Sessions session at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology The state of South Dakota currently has over thirty recorded bison kill sites With development agricultural practices and natural erosion a threat to many of these sites the need to identify evaluate and protect these and other unrecorded bison kill sites Get price


Anthropology 151 Exam #1

Study 69 Anthropology 151 Exam #1 flashcards from Andrew S on StudyBlue The study of human skeletal remains from archaeology sites Ethnoarchaeology Kill Sites 4 Quarry/Extraction Sites 5 Storage Sites 6a Rock Art – pictograph pigment added to surface 6b Rock Art – petroglyph etched/carved into surfaceGet price

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