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What is the difference between Crushed Stone and

$begingroup$ You seem to be considering crushed gravel as a blend of coarse and fine aggregate I don't believe that is correct in general but in the particular text referenced by hazzey it states that the fine aggregate shall be produced by crushing stone gravel or slag that meet the requirements for wear and soundness specified for coarse aggregate Get price


What Kind Of Gravel For Driveway?

Mar 15 2012IMO crushed stone is where it's at if your drainage is reasonable Larger stones do become projectiles and you may machinegun your house with the snowblower I assume however that your blower is a 2 stage and that you can adjust the skids to give clearance This meas that you leave some snow with a gravel driveway but it's not that bad Get price


Shed Base Concrete Slab or Gravel?

This may or may not matter to you but if you don't want to declare your shed permanent consider a gravel base How much do I want to spend? Consider the cost both of labor and materials of creating a concrete slab versus a gravel foundation How large is my shed? Most backyard sheds only need a gravel Get price


Crushed Stone

Birdseye is a crushed stone or gravel product in 1/8″ size range Uses include block production landscape cover grit and garden path construction CR-1 CR-1 crusher designed for heavy duty areas where there is a need for larger stone to bridge and the fines to compact to create a compacted surface Get price


3 Driveway Pros Cons Gravel vs Asphalt Paving

Aug 19 20143 Driveway Pros Cons Gravel vs Asphalt Paving Gravel is a common surface material for driveways throughout the United States The crushed stone used in many applications can be easy to maintain and available in a various array of colors Installation of a gravel driveway should be conducted by an experienced grade operator to minimize Get price


Recycled concrete vs gravel

Dec 16 2010I live only a few miles from a concrete plant and they offer the crushed concrete for only $15 a load Now mind you if you back up with a 20 yard double axle dump it's $15 If you back up with a little utility trailer that only holds 1/3 of a yard it's $15 The price is so cheap compared to gravel that I won't likely get gravel ever again Get price


Gravel Bike vs Road Bike — What's the Difference?

Jun 23 2016Enter the gravel bike world! The question number one is what's the family branch of these bicycles about which you definitively have heard a lot in previous months Simply said a gravel bike is a combination of a road bike (happy on tarmac) and a cyclo-cross bike (happy on mud) Get price


Pea Gravel vs Concrete Pavers

Pea Gravel vs Concrete Pavers Advantages and Drawbacks of Pea Gravel Looking at pea gravel vs concrete pavers you can begin by weighing the advantages and drawbacks of pea gravel In this case the list of advantages is long and the list of disadvantages is short The advantages of pea gravel Get price


Use of Crushed Gravel as a Driveway Material

With crushed gravel driveways a base with good drainage is important so make sure the individual installing your crushed gravel driveway pays attention to it or you could be in for problems Nonetheless crushed gravel driveways do generally require less repair or maintenance jobs for you Get price


Stone Gravel or Aggregate?

Sep 12 2005Question I have a specification calling for #89 gravel in the concrete mix and #57 stone for the subbase What do these numbers mean? Answer This all comes from ASTM C 33 "Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates " First there's really no difference in this context between stone and gravel and aggregate In C 33 there's a chart showing the grading requirements for different sizes Get price


Pea Gravel vs River Rocks

Pea gravel is widely available throughout the northeast which makes it one of the most affordable of all decorative stones In addition to looking great and being budget-friendly pea gravel is highly versatile and functional In terms of pea gravel vs river rocks pea gravel is simply better known for its smaller size and ability to be Get price


Crushed Stone vs Pea Gravel What's the Difference

Jan 06 2016Crushed stone is available in a variety of sizes from 3/8" to 4" Because it is literally crushed stone there is no consistency to its shape The edges tend to be sharper and it feels rougher to the touch than pea gravel Also most crushed stone will either be in a white or gray hue giving you a more neutral look than the colorful pea Get price


What Is Crush and Run Gravel?

Crush and run gravel is widely used for constructing driveways because the gravel which is a mixture of stone powder and small crushed stone retains the strength of the top layer of the driveway making it durable There are various types of gravel also known as crushed stone used for constructing driveways and walkways Get price


Crushed Stone Vs Gravel and How Gravel Suppliers Can Help

Crushed Stone vs Gravel Driveway Prices Sizes Uses An attractive crushed stone or gravel driveway can significantly add to the curb appeal and value of your property When installing a driveway there are two materials that are very popularly used which are crushed stone and gravel When exploring these two options it's important to Get price


Hardscaping 101 Pea Gravel

Dec 30 2016Compared to other hardscaping materials installing pea gravel is relatively easy Generally you work the soil about 6 inches deep remove any weeds lay down 2 inches of coarsely textured base rock (also called crushed rock) and cover that with a 3-inch-deep layer of pea gravel The base rock stabilizes the pea gravel to provide a firm surface Get price


Crushed Stone vs Gravel

Aug 13 2018Crushed stone is a unique product that is perfect for paving with because of its rough angular cut The gravel you picture in your mind might look like crushed stone — but this image isn't totally accurate How so? Let's take a look What is crushed stone? Crushed stone is basically differentiated from gravel in that it is man-made in a Get price


Gravel Types

Apr 25 2017Crushed stone gravel refers specifically to limestone or dolemite that is mechanically crushed The stones in this type of gravel have sharp edges and it is commonly used in concrete production Coarse gravel that accumulates after finer particles are filtered out for specific uses is called lag gravel Get price


Dual Sport Hybrid vs Gravel Bike ladycyclists

Dual Sport Hybrid vs Gravel Bike I'm looking for a bike that does relatively well on tarmac pavement and light trails/gravel - an all-rounder if you must I've tested dual sports hybrid bikes like the Trek Neko and Liv Rove but also considering gravel bikes like the Fuji Jari Get price


304 Aggregate Base

Crushed Gravel Used for 304 If crushed gravel is selected for use as aggregate base it must be manufactured from material retained on the inch (12 5 mm) sieve It must meet the gradation and physical requirements shown in 703 17 At times this material is missing some fine material and can become unstable Get price


We will we will rock you The lowdown on what gravel to

Jan 30 2014We will we will rock you The lowdown on what gravel to use for your project For your driveway The standard size gravel to use for a driveway is " minus gravel meaning the gravel is no larger than 3/4 of an inch and minus refers to anything smaller down to the dusty fines which help to pack the gravel in place We have " minus crushed rock which works great but the most popular Get price


#67 Gravel

#67 Gravel is a crushed blue-gray granite that is dry-screened to measure roughly 3/4″ meaning the actual size of any particular piece will be from 1/2″ to 1″ long Stone dust and pea gravel are screened out giving you an attractive landscaping material with superb drainage qualities This landscaping stone is pleasing to the eye Get price


Should I set fence posts in dirt gravel crushed rock or

I have always used treated posts and crushed gravel to secure fence posts I dig a little deeper and add maybe 6 of gravel to assist with drainage around the bottom of the post The post is then set with the aid of a rock bar If the gravel is properly compressed the post should never waver Get price


Gravel Crushed Stone — Orion Stone Depot

( 5 - 1 25) A crushed gravel indigenous to Michigan Can be used for a variety of applications including driveways as a base for sheds or as a decorative stone in flower beds and walkways Sold in bulk Grey Limestone (1 - 1 75) A crushed gravel indigenous to Michigan Get price


Stone Gravel or Aggregate?

Sep 12 2005Question I have a specification calling for #89 gravel in the concrete mix and #57 stone for the subbase What do these numbers mean? Answer This all comes from ASTM C 33 "Standard Specification for Concrete Aggregates " First there's really no difference in this context between stone and gravel and aggregate In C 33 there's a chart showing the grading requirements for different sizes Get price



Apr 29 2003Self-Compacting 3/4 stone 04-26-2003 06 17 AM I have a question about 3/4 crushed stone I read several places that 3/4 crushed stone is self-compacting That is you dump it in a trech (as in under a concrete footing or floor) and you don't have to compact it with a plate compactor - it is already as compacted as it needs to be Get price


Gravel or Crushed Concrete for a Driveway?

Apr 11 2013A friend told us that crushed concrete (which is about the same price) is better because it packs harder Would crushed concrete be a good or better choice for a driveway surface given that it is the same price as gravel? We're also putting in a retaining wall and will use the leftover gravel or crushed concrete to fill in behind the wall Get price


Crushed Stone vs Processed Gravel—Lombardi Gravel

Oct 21 2015The choice between crushed stone and gravel really depends on the type of project but thanks to their affordable stone prices and the wide variety of bulk gravel and other stone products they carry the professionals at Lombardi Gravel Excavation will help you decide which material is Get price


How to Lay a Gravel Shed Foundation

How to Lay a Gravel Shed Foundation THE MOST POPULAR FOUNDATION material for a shed is gravel It's easy to work with lasts virtually forever is environmentally friendly and most of all a gravel foundation will provide exceptional support for your shed Gravel Stone and Crushed Concrete over 1″ (with no smaller bits) Image courtesy Get price


Recycled concrete vs crushed run gravel?

Re Recycled concrete vs crushed run gravel? Best way to smooth it out and compact it at the same time is a large vibrating drum roller The crush run needs to be wet when installed after compacting and drying it will be hard as concrete Never have worked with crushed concrete before Get price


3 Reasons Why It's Important To Use Crushed Stone Under

Apr 28 2014Concrete may seem strong but after many years elements and pressure it will eventually crack So in order to make your concrete last as long as your money that went into it adding a layer of crushed stone under a slab of concrete will increase the life of your investment Here are 3 reasons why a layer of crushed stone is important to the life of your concrete Get price


Choosing Between Asphalt Driveway Paving and Gravel

Gravel Driveways The primary advantage of a gravel driveway is its lower cost You will not only pay less for gravel than for asphalt but you can spread it yourself You don't need special equipment and if you plan to use your driveway for only a brief period of time gravel can be more easily removed Get price


ABC vs Gravel

Nov 01 2010Gravel Material designated herein as gravel shall be composed entirely of particles that are either fully or partially rounded and water-worn Crushed rock obtained by crushing rock which exceeds ASTM D-448 maximum gradation sizes may be combined provided it is uniformly distributed throughout and blended with the gravel Get price

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